Removing The Labels

Sometimes it’s best to sell the idea of a greater good than it is to sell the product itself. If you have a brand that can talk, a medium in which people follow, listen and have discussions over; then why not toss aside the traditional sales pitch and sell a conversation. Marketing in today’s world gives us the opportunity to do more than just sell a tangible product, it gives us the ability to convey a tangible idea using our creative genius.

Let us not forget why we are here.

I urge everyone that comes across this to not only watch the video below, but also read up on Coca-Cola’s Middle East campaign through the month of Ramadan. The concept is simple, thought provoking and a conversation starter. Most of all, the message is as simple as it gets.

Cocal-Cola Removes Labels From Cans For Ramadan Campaign

Business Insider – Coke has removed the logos from its packaging in the Middle East to encourage people not to judge each other

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