Burberry’s Holiday Visual Experience

The award for one of the most aesthetically pleasing holiday campaigns, this year, must go to Burberry. As in typical Burberry fashion, the blending of old world charm with a twist of modern movement, and some beautiful people wearing even more beautiful clothing, captivates most of us on the receiving end of the campaign. When the first email came out introducing the holiday season, I found myself completely enthralled by the simplicity of the campaign. How could such a photo be so captivating to me?! I just could not stop coming back to it!


Today we get a lot of options to customize just about everything, for the most of us it is another tacky attempt at trying give lazy people a way out of putting thought into a gift. Burberry removed the feature of emblazoning someones monogram across the front mid-section of every piece of merchandise and instead gave it’s customers a single place in which the monogram will be placed. This lack of options is a smart marketing tactic that astute marketers are beginning to use more and more everyday. By removing the array of personalization options, Burberry branded their perfume “My Burberry” in which the personalization feature, a two letter monogram, sits across the base of the jar, not interfering with the overall brand message and removing as many distortions from the look of the product inside as possible. Again with the still photography being used in this campaign though! You can’t tell whether the bottle of perfume is sitting amongst more perfume or a fine glass of Scotch, or two.



The personalization campaign continues on with a quick smattering of even more engaging photos, and the simple option available for the classic Heritage Scarf.

And who needs “Elf on a Shelf” or one of those typical porcelain Christmas villages?! My new holiday mission is to find the wooden puppets used throughout the campaign to accent my place with… I’m thinking these may turn into year-round staples though…

The Marketing team used by Burberry did a really great job with this year’s holiday campaign, each email I got, I had to open immediately! And the mobile utilization was by far one of the most thought through mobile experiences I’ve experienced in a while. FYI – I’m a big ol’ fan of blocking!!!


And again with the stick figures! (I’m on a mission to find you!)Burberry

If you haven’t yet watched the full campaign video, definitely check it out! I really like the fact that it is not any one holiday specific themed, but just winter holiday themes throughout. If only people really looked like that when they wore Burberry, I’d probably buy more for gifts… Oh wait, my wallet’s shuddering at that statement reminded me that it’s not because people don’t look good in the clothing that I’m not buying this stuff (sad face)…

To all the “hopers” and “dreamers” out there, we’ll get there. Nose to the grind-stone type perseverance every day will get us to where we want to be. And in the meantime, we’ve got some damned good pictures to look at and aspire to!



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