Here We Go…

So after finding myself spending hours a week getting mindlessly lost in other people’s blogs, and seeing the fun a coworker is having with their blog, I thought I would give it a shot myself.

But first… Let me introduce myself. I’m John, a 21-year-old, college non-graduate who is in Marketing and enjoys a little bit of everything life has to offer. (But hey, who doesn’t?!) From 17 to 21 I have lived in three states and am in my fourth position for the first, and only, company I have ever worked for. I’m pretty much a millennial in every aspect of the term: at times severely indecisive, overly opinionated, willing to fight for what I believe in and occasionally posing the one question no one over a certain age likes to hear, “Why?”

Like a Millennial is not meant to be anyone’s go-to guide on how to interact with those of us under a certain age, it’s just going to be one guy’s happenings and view on what’s going on around him. I would be elated if you were to join me! If not, well then please refer to #23 on one of my favorite lists about us (of which I will probably refer to quite often here.)

Ok, here we go!


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