“Think before you speak”

The Millennial Voices

So here’s a little food for thought.. I overthink. I can assume that at least some of you reading this can relate.

You start by thinking about saying something, wondering if you should say it, and worrying about what might happen if you do or do not say it. Sometimes, you even ask  on whether to say it.

My ice cream is missing. Should I ask my housemate if he ate it? If I do and he hasn’t he might get mad that I asked. But if I don’t and he has eaten it then I won’t get my ice cream replaced or worse, he might think I just don’t notice these things and start eating my chips as well!

Then, there’s how you say it. Do you say something directly? Indirectly? Do you make it about yourself or about the other person? What emphasis do you put on which…

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