Hey, twentysomethings: clueless isn’t cute


I’m definitely guilty of this, as are 95% of Thought Catalog listicles and most things targeting post-grads on the internet. I really got annoyed, though, reading The Twentysomething Manifesto.

All of these seem to assume that everyone under 29 is broke, unemployed/working a crappy job with no solid future plans, mooching off their parents, either has no social life or gets wasted three times a week, can’t cook, financially illiterate, living in a slovenly hole, incapable of having a healthy relationship, a couch potato, and generally a lazy idiot with a vague idea that it would be nice to have a life that was less crappy.

We all have areas for growth, obviously, but almost everyone my age I know is absolutely killing it in at least a few of these categories.

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