LAM Logo1 Like A Millennial is dedicated to sharing ideas of, and for, the Millennial generation. The only agenda LAM looks to push, is one of equality, creativity and thought-provoking discussion. We are an all-inclusive group of people and want to hear from everyone! No matter where in the world you are, what you believe or age; we want to hear as much as we can and be tasked with the job of spreading our generations thoughts, beliefs and views of the world surrounding us.

LAM does not discriminate against age, in fact we hope that most of the content we publish is not only useful, or enlightening, to everyone who reads it, but we are looking for strong content from those who have blazed the trail before us. If you’d like to contribute your ideas, be sure to read up on our Contribution page and drop us a line!

The Team

John Behrens

John Behrens is a 21-year-old, college non-graduate, who is enjoying an early career in Marketing. From 17 to 21 years old he moved through three states and is currently in his fourth role for the first, and only, company he has worked for. Pretty much a millennial in every aspect of the term, he is severely indecisive at times, overly opinionated, willing to fight for what he believes in and occasionally poses that nagging question no one over a certain age likes to hear, “Why?”

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