We are always looking for new, and exciting, content to add to LAM. Even more than one-off content, we are looking for contributors who can offer their own point of view on what is going on in their world. Since not everyone is a professional, or merely doesn’t have time to stick to a writing schedule, LAM is offering up multiple options for you to contribute and stay in touch with the content. At the end of the day, Like A Millennial is nothing like us if we are not contributing to it. Oh, and don’t forget, we don’t discriminate against non-millennials, if you’ve got a point of view, we’re willing to post it!

Random Content

Got a great idea, post, photo or written essay, or anything else for that matter that you want to share to the world? Feel free to submit your one-off, random, submissions to us at Be sure to include your Twitter handle, and if you’d like your photo added to your By-Line, then don’t forget to attach your headshot to your email (If you’d like to be kind to our inbox size, you can just send us a link to your Facebook/ Twitter profile photo.) Once reviewed, we will get back to you with a quick decision as to whether or not we can post, any follow up questions we may have, and ultimately a posting schedule for your work!


Have a file of essays, poems, rants, photo essays – whatever – you’ve been stashing away? Or, are you coming up with something new to say every couple of days or weeks? We aren’t looking for quantity, as much as we’re looking for quality! If you can stick to contributing something on a routine basis, a routine in which you determine, then feel free to email us at with a few pieces of your work. Or just drop us a line so we can start discussing how we can work together! We don’t care if you are a professional writer, or an aspiring one; whether you can write a post a week, or a post a month, let’s have the conversation and see where it goes. Don’t forget – original content only and we don’t discriminate!


Do you already have an established blog, and are looking for an extra outlet to publish? We would love to have a group of avid bloggers that we can re-blog content from! Send a link to your blog, and a quick recap of your targeted audience, post schedule and any other information you’d like for us to take into consideration to so we can start discussing how we can work together to spread your content!


You receive all credit for your submissions, including your By-Line which will include any external links and photo, if you so choose. LAM, like most of it’s contributors, is young and running a bootstrap operation. As much as we’d like to be, we do not make money off of the site right now and can not offer you any either. LAM is dedicated to spreading our work, and message, as far as we can and you will always receive credit for your work.

The team at LAM can’t do it all by themselves, so drop us a line and let’s see how we can work together!