Millennial isn’t a generation it’s a mindset

I regularly hear people in corporate business talk about “millennials” or “Generation Y” as if they’re an alien race. The visage of anyone preparing to inflict traditional training or marketing on a millennial audience, is one of a wide-eyed scientist dissecting a new species. It’s become so prevalent in conversations across the company I work at, that I keep forgetting I’m a millennial myself. “They’re millennials so they get technology”, “millennials are selfish”, “they only like reading short text”; I’ve heard them all. But most of these assertions, particularly those about how millennials consume media, are based on an assumption that it’s the generation collectively that is different. My contention is that millennial is more accurately attributed to a mindset than a generation, and my evidence is in the fact that there are plenty of “millennials” who don’t have smartphones, and plenty of 50-somethings who excel on Twitter and Facebook…

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